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Strategic. Digital. Marketing.


For ambitious firms driving positive change


SMS Plc // Smart Energy and Technology


MFG // Energy and EV

Digital content strategy

Worldpay // Fintech and payments


Istesso // Biotechnology


Trustees Unlimited // Recruitment technology

exceptional™ is the strategic digital agency for ambitious organisations driving positive change and innovation.

The digital marketing partner trusted by national and global brands

What we do

We use a combination of social media, search marketing and content, paid media and analytics to amplify your ideas, showcase your innovations, and drive business growth.

Why we do it

exceptional™ was born from our desire to positively impact the world through our digital campaigns. We’re on a mission to cut through the noise and amplify the good in the world.

Sector Specialisms


Discover the innovative tech firms and funded tech startups who’ve partnered with us to transform their digital marketing strategy.


Our digital comms strategies are pivotal to our growing portfolio of green and sustainable energy companies.


We’ve created powerful and results-driven digital campaigns for firms in financial services and financial technology.

Ambitious clients. Impactful results.

Discover how we transformed our clients’ online visibility and digital engagement and to drive sustainable and reliable results.

We’ve got plenty to say

When it comes to insight and knowledge, we want to share the love. Take a look at some of our latest opinions and guides.

Hearts, minds & pockets in the climate crisis

Ask yourself these questions. These are two examples of actions taken by speakers at the Better Business Conference in Manchester last week, which I had the opportunity to attend. While I understand the motivation behind both approaches, I also respectfully disagree with them.  In this article, I want to attempt to explain why, and to […]

wind turbines

To increase your ROI, abandon the myth of the marketing funnel

We see it all the time. Your company is spending money on a digital marketing campaign – Google Ads, social media, email marketing, SEO and more – but you just aren’t seeing the strong return on investment that you were promised. In this article, I will explain why the marketing model used by most businesses […]

The psychology of the flywheel: Understanding awareness

In the early 1900s, Hollywood was making its mark as the home of moviemaking. Aspiring actors were flooding the streets, small studios were consolidating into industry giants, and the once small LA neighbourhood’s population was growing rapidly. By 1923, Los Angeles Times publisher Harry Chandler had funded the construction of a lavish residential development nearby. […]