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Everything starts with a strategy

Strategy is at the heart of every campaign. That’s why we’ve created a strategic model that successfully leads your audience through their buying journey, turning strangers and prospects into clients and promoters.

We call this the Digital Marketing Flywheel, and this is how is works.

We put your clients at the centre of the flywheel.

They are not an output, but intrinsic to your marketing strategy.

Within the flywheel, we add the first layer.

These are the messaging stages and refer to the type of message we want your audience to engage with.

This is a journey, from See to Think to Do and to Trust.

The second layer are the audience stages.

These refer to the audience groups that match each stage of their buying journey.

Let’s look at the messaging and audience stages.

See. The awareness stage. Audience members are unaware of the solutions you provide.

Our objective here is to bring awareness to strangers.

Think. The consideration stage. Your audience is now actively seeking the solution you provide.

We want to encourage prospects to consider you and your services.

Do. The action stage. Your audience is ready to take an action based on their research and knowledge gained from the Think stage.

We need to give leads the tools and ability to take a positive action, like enquire about your services or sign up.

Trust. The nurture stage. You need to leverage your audience’s positive experience to help you gain further visibility and awareness.

We build trust and empower your promoters to recommend, signpost and refer you.

When your audience and your clients promote and refer you, they bring new people into the flywheel.

This is why clients are intrinsic to your marketing strategy.

It’s is a crucial part of why the flywheel model is so powerful, so long as you deliver on our promise to provide a great service, and enable your promoters to recommend you.

The core purpose of your marketing activity is to move your audience around the flywheel.

We do this using forces. Forces are marketing activity that builds and maintains momentum in the flywheel.

When momentum is high, return on marketing spend will increase.

Marketing forces can be measured between normal and strong.

Strong force marketing activities require a high level of financial investment, time or effort.

Normal force marketing requires a normal (or ‘business-as-usual’) level of financial investment, time or effort.

At the start of a campaign strong force marketing gets the flywheel moving.

Normal force marketing is highly effective once the flywheel already has momentum.

Let’s look at some examples of how we build and maintain momentum.

Paid social media and effective display advertising can drive awareness among strangers, and brings new audiences into our flywheel.

Google Ads displayed in the search results exposes your brand and message to prospects who are considering services like yours.

Engaging content on your optimised website can be a powerful tool to encourage leads to take an action, like enquiring or signing up.

Incentivising recipients of your email newsletter to forward it to a friend or colleague leverages the trust you’ve built and enables your promoters to bring more people into the flywheel.

Publishing valuable content on social media that others share with their network is equally as powerful.

Using your content, promoters have brought awareness to strangers.

Your strategy is successful when your audience interacts with each stage of the flywheel:

  • Moving from See to Think to Do
  • Becoming a client and/or building Trust
  • Sharing their experience or your content with their network
  • Bringing their network into your flywheel

This is an Exceptional Interaction®.

At exceptional™, we create and implement your complete digital marketing flywheel, matching your target audience groups with the right marketing message at each stage of their buying journey.

This forms the blueprint for your entire digital strategy.

We run short exploratory workshops before we start

Before you commit to commissioning us to create your full digital strategy, we run short exploratory workshops, virtually or in-person. You’ll get a good idea of how your digital marketing flywheel will work, alongside experiencing the exceptional™ model for yourself.

In most cases, we do so without charging a fee.

Contact us to find out more.