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To have a positive impact, you need to be profitable – that’s where exceptional™ comes in

When were the first commercial solar panels installed?  The noughties? The ‘90s? If you guessed the ‘80s, you’re half right… but half wrong. Boston-born inventor Charles Fritts installed the first solar array on a New York City rooftop in the 1880s.  Fritts’s panels weren’t just a science experiment. They were a genuine attempt to commercialise […]

Hearts, minds & pockets in the climate crisis

Ask yourself these questions. These are two examples of actions taken by speakers at the Better Business Conference in Manchester last week, which I had the opportunity to attend. While I understand the motivation behind both approaches, I also respectfully disagree with them.  In this article, I want to attempt to explain why, and to […]

wind turbines

The psychology of the flywheel: Understanding awareness

In the early 1900s, Hollywood was making its mark as the home of moviemaking. Aspiring actors were flooding the streets, small studios were consolidating into industry giants, and the once small LA neighbourhood’s population was growing rapidly. By 1923, Los Angeles Times publisher Harry Chandler had funded the construction of a lavish residential development nearby. […]