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For ambitious firms in tech

Connecting payments through partnerships

Digital content strategy

Worldpay // Fintech and payments


SMS Plc // Smart Energy and Technology


MFG // Energy and EV


Istesso // Biotechnology

Engaging diverse talent and not-for-profit boards


Trustees Unlimited // Recruitment technology

exceptional™ is the strategic digital agency for ambitious firms in the technology sector.

With 18 years of experience and a team that has launched over 200 digital campaigns, our creative marketing strategies empower firms which are having a positive impact on the world to amplify their vital work – and their results.

Digital strategy

If you’re going to get more leads, you need to establish your authority, build trust in your technology, and communicate your solution clearly to people outside of your sector.

We help you shout about your solution in a way your audience can understand. Our multi-channel digital strategies raise awareness of your brand, leverage your existing clients and contacts to promote your technology solution, and attract new prospects and investors into your pipeline.

Social media

To raise awareness about your solution, you need to tell your story. Social media is your most powerful storytelling tool in the digital age.

We will design and execute social media campaigns that resonate with users, whether they’re tech-savvy or not, to win you more followers, increase your reach and fostering social engagement between your target audiences and your organisation.

SEO & content

Your audience might know you – but do they trust you? Strong search engine optimisation (SEO) and informative, accessible website content helps you become top-of-mind and the top of Google Search results.

We will create content that’s optimised for search engines and addresses your audience’s needs directly, helping your website climb Google’s rankings to increase your visibility among the people who need your solution most.

Paid media

Get ahead of the competition. In an increasingly crowded tech market, paid media advertising gets your solution in front of your audience

Our paid media strategies connect your content directly to your target audiences, utilising the most cost-effective paid keywords to get you results with great value for money.

Analytics & measurement

Your digital marketing strategy can’t be a one-and-done. Our analytics delve into the metrics that matter most to tech success, providing actionable insights to continually refine your online marketing activity.

From user behaviour analysis to conversion tracking, we leverage data to drive informed decisions and ensure your marketing efforts are aligned with your goals in an ever-changing tech landscape.

How we do it

We’ve created something truly unique – the digital marketing flywheel.

The strategic model that builds trust and engages your audience at each stage of their buying journey.

Implementing this will increase awareness of your services, reduce your advertising spend, and give your marketing long-lasting momentum.

Building your digital campaign


Create the strategy

We create a strategy based on your goals, your audience and your industry to ensure that your digital marketing campaigns stay on track and always remain focused on your organisation’s business goals.

Activate the campaign

We put your strategy into action, using our years of experience to create and manage the high quality social media, site content and paid media your campaigns need to succeed.

Measure the impact

We analyse and report on your strategy’s results, allowing us to continually improve your outcomes and find new opportunities for success. We give you support and actionable insights every step of the way.

Ambitious clients. Impactful results.

Discover how we transformed our clients’ online visibility and digital engagement to drive sustainable and reliable results.

The digital marketing partner trusted by national and global brands

What do our clients say?

A great team who think strategically and creatively to find the best solutions to problems, and create drivers for future engagement and growth. They are all leaders in their fields, and are thoroughly fun, friendly and engaging on top of it. A pleasure to work with and real value creators. Highly recommended.


Put us on the front page of Google. That led to not only really good increases in donations of individual computers, but also enabled us to get that web presence that enabled our business donations to grow.


The end result was beyond our expectations and very well received by the market. We’ve had increased awareness about our business, which led to licensing opportunities and more growth.

D. simpson, iksuda

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