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How our B Corp™ score breaks down

exceptional™ achieved an overall B Impact Assessment score of 89, well over the 80 needed for certification and the 50.9 median score for businesses that complete the assessment. Here’s a look at each area of the assessment, how we scored, and what it means.

Governance (21.1)

exceptional™’s strong governance practices ensure transparent decision-making and high ethical standards. You can be confident in our strategic direction, ensuring alignment with your values and goals.

Workers (27.3)

By prioritising worker wellbeing and development at exceptional™, we have fostered a highly motivated team dedicated to driving impactful digital campaigns for ambitious organisations. You benefit from our team’s passion and expertise, resulting in innovative solutions that drive positive change.

Community (21.2)

exceptional™’s commitment to community involvement and support initiatives reflects our dedication to social responsibility. Our community engagement, including our pro-bono charity work, aligns us with your mission to contribute positively to society.

Environment (11.8)

By implementing sustainable practices and minimising our environmental impact, exceptional™ demonstrates leadership in environmental stewardship. You get a partner committed to sustainability and ready to promote eco-friendly digital solutions.

Customers (7.3)

At exceptional™, customer satisfaction and excellence in service delivery are paramount. Our focus on understanding and meeting your needs ensures exceptional outcomes and strengthens our long-term partnerships, built on trust, mutual values and mutual success.

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